Salon Pro App

Create a positive, memorable experience for your salon professional customers

With the Salon Pro App, you can create a positive, memorable experience for your salon professional customers. Mobile web browsing is a popular way to buy products or services and gather information, but apps are increasingly convenient with specialized designs and user-friendly interfaces.

Did you know that the average person uses their phone for 5 hours each day? More specifically, it is estimated that users spend 90% of their time using apps, rather than browsing on a mobile web platform. Having a dedicated mobile app puts your brand right in the palm of their hands and makes it easy for users to access everything that you have to offer.

Whether they’re looking to explore service options, purchase products, watch product demonstrations, or discover upcoming events, Salon Media22 Salon Pro APP has the solution. Your customers can take control and find exactly what they’re looking for in seconds, all within one convenient app. Plus, they can do it all on their time with 24/7 accessibility for how-to tutorials, virtual shopping, and more. Eliminate the frustration of scheduling time to come in and shop or call during business hours with convenient access in the app.

In addition to streamlining the convenience of user-initiated sales and interactions, the Salon Pro app will amplify your marketing efforts. The effectiveness of email campaigns and social media posts has fallen dramatically, and it can be difficult to boost the open rate on your campaigns. Push notifications from apps, however, have an average 90% open rate, which ensures that your message will be seen by more users! Take advantage of this powerful channel to boost engagement, enhance communication, and build loyalty.

Hosting events is an effective strategy, but it can be difficult to raise awareness and draw a crowd, especially with a limited time frame. The Salon Pro App is completely customizable and includes the options to promote a specific event or all upcoming calendar activities with the click of a button. In addition to the widgets, features, and functions that you want to provide for salon professionals, you’ll also be able to customize the app with your own logo, colors, and branding information. Enjoy the professional look and feel of Salon Pro products with custom branding that your loyal customers will recognize.

No matter what marketing strategy you’re using or how you want to focus and frame your business, the Salon Pro app makes it easy to increase your impact.