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Salon Marketing Ideas for January and February

New Year salon marketing ideas for January & February January…

Using Social media to Grow Your Business

When you own a commission salon, attracting new clients is usually…

Top 10 Salon Marketing Ideas for the Pros

By Anna Dizon on January 4, 2018 | Marketing, Retail, Salons | Comments (45) Salons…

How to write a awesome salon blog

1. Google loves a good salon blog To appease Google, and push…

You are Not Alone. We ask 250 Hairstylist 'What Makes Running a Business SO Difficult?'

We asked over 250 salons what their biggest challenge is when…

Hairstylist How To Become Huge on Instagram

Instagram is like a drug. You get some action on an image…
Image with the word Bro Code

How the Beauty Industry Continues to Crack the Bro Code

From Tria’s hair-removal laser to Julep’s toxin-free…

How Salon Professionals Use A Mobile Website To Keep Their Book FULL!

Salon Professionals: Do you want to grow your client list and…

Instagram for Hair Salons

Don’t Miss This Social Media Trend – Why Instagram for Hair Salons is a MUST!

Do You Build Your Brand With A Salon Blog?

Every mobile website Salon Media22 builds come with a blog that will help YOU get started with your very own Brand-Building, Appointment-Getting Professional Salon Blog!
First Impressions, Is your Salon Cutting It

Salon Plaza 7 Things You Never Learned in School

Posted on July 7, 2017 by Debra-Sue Cope What You Never…

How To Turn Your Customers Into Brand Promoters on Facebook

Facebook has been a gold mine of quality referral traffic for retailers.

Why Hair Stylist Needs Google Local

Whether you are a bricks and mortar store or rent from a salon suite, the advent of Google’s Pigeon algorithm has changed the way users are presented with your online store forever.

SEO services for Salons

Why do you need SEO services for your salon? If you are a newbie or want to establish or improve your current salon business then it is very important for you to hire the best SEO services for your salon. There are many people who want to experiment with the salons so they are most likely to search on the internet for salons.

4 Steps to Bring Lost Clients Back

“20% of your clients make up 80% of your business,” notes…

Adding Value to Salon Services Increases Client Retention

“What are you doing to make every visit a feel-good experience,”…

A Marketing Strategy for Pricing in a Hair Salon

Growing a loyal customer base is one of the key factors of running…

Profitability Project: Landlord Vs. Commission

Which is best: owning a booth rental salon or an employment-based…