Mobile Rewards App

Build Your Brand, Boost Your Sales and Reward Your Customers

Enhance your brand with exclusive savings and cash back perks for loyal salon professional customers! The Salon Media22 mobile rewards app for companies who customers are salon professionals gamifies the shopping experience with interactive elements, valuable resources, and exciting incentives. With personalized branding in the user-friendly interface, you can make the Salon Media22 rewards app your own.

Modern loyalty programs go far beyond the basic ‘buy ten, get one free’ punch card. This unique rewards program keeps users invested over time with accumulated point totals and the thrill of unlocking loyalty levels for new, better benefits. The more that they shop and play, the more they can earn!

The process starts with a fast, free sign-up process after downloading the app on a mobile phone. Ecommerce integration makes it easy to shop for your products or services in the rewards app and users can earn loyalty points when shopping in person. In addition to watching spending patterns to inform your business, you’ll also be able to create enticing, custom offers for each individual customer based on the products that they use and love.

In addition to special discounts, free items, and personalized perks, your loyalty program members can earn cash back rewards to spend directly in the app or release to their card. Cashback is a universally proven incentive and your clients will love the freedom to spend their points at their favorite stores, entertainment spots, and sporting events.

Staying connected, building your brand, and boosting sales is a lot to take on. Luckily, the Salon Media22 rewards app allows you to meet all of these goals with one powerful platform. Make this flawless, modern app your own with the addition of your custom logo, colors, and brand information. Plus, you have the flexibility to add product demonstration videos, how-to educational content, and ecommerce integration. This is your app, your way!

At Salon Media22, we know that building loyalty isn’t only about how many points users rack up; it’s about forging positive connections that last. In an app test, we found that 90% of program participants were actually looking forward to receiving regular updates from the app! Push notifications are built in and you also have the opportunity to connect through text and email. The Salon Media22 mobile rewards app makes it easy to build your loyal customer base, share valuable information, and reward users with special, personalized perks that keep them coming back for more.