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Engaging your customer where there at 24/7

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Mobile Rewards FAQ’s

Frequently ask questions about our mobile rewards platform

What’s the initial investment cost?

The initial investment cost will very base on your business needs and app requirement.

How will platform set our business apart from our competitors?

Salon Media22 design build and deploy a mobile rewards app tailored to the way you do business. We only work exclusively with the hair care industry, providing solution that allow you and your customer base to interact in a friction-less environment.

How do we help hair care manufactures and distributors grow their business?

By only exclusively working with the hair care industry Salon Media22 understanding your sales and marketing challenges we can leverage our technology know-how to overcome those challenges.

How do we make it easier for our clients engage us?

Salon Media22 uses reliable mobile technology to enable businesses to engage their clients through a mobile experience. With 80% of mobile device user having on average 10 apps that they use on a regular bases our rewards app platform is versatile enough help business like your take advantage providing endless opportunities for you to engage your customer.

How does your reward app help us increase our brand loyalty?

This is achieved by offering a branded Reward App in a frictionless way to your customer and engaging your customer 24/7 on device they use the most. Our Reward App Platform will be customized to your businesses and incorporate your products and services.

How can I get best ROI for growing my business?

This is a challenge that many B2B businesses experience especially when growing their business. Therefore they can get best ROI through technology that they can get real-time customer experience and acquisitions that can be measured.

How does this reward app help salon professionals grow their business?

By giving access to our mobile rewards market place where they will have the ability to reach nearby consumers on their mobile devices. Additional salon professional will have the option to accept a mobile payment through or reward app platform and access your product and rich content with one click of a button. Saving salon professional time and money.

How will it take to develop our branded rewards app?

The depends on the app functionality. One average it normally takes 4-6 weeks

Do you have any example of Mobile Rewards app project?

Yes. Design Essentials. We current have four well known hair care manufacture project underway.