Mobile Design

At Salon Media22, every website we design and build is mobile ready

Chances are your customers aren’t going to access your website solely on their home computer. You might even be looking at this site on a smartphone or tablet right now. So when you visit a modern website, the design must take into account that the site could be accessed a million different ways. It’ll ideally match the size and shape the screen you’re viewing it on – this is called “mobile design.”


1. It’s cost efficient: Paying for a mobile-friendly site is a smarter spending choice. A cheaper, desktop-focused site eventually means eventually forking over extra money for a mobile site. A Salon Media22 mobile-friendly site performs equally well on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones right away.

2. Site management factor: With a Responsive Web Design (RWD), you don’t have to worry about updating several different versions of a website. In short, any update you make automatically updates all versions of the site. This increases the value of your site to visitors, and, in turn, search engines.

3. Visitor experience: Have you been on your phone or tablet and tried using a non-mobile friendly site? It’s a sluggish, awkward experience. We bet you didn’t stay long. Give your visitors a smooth experience, which means a better chance for bookings and sales. They only need to remember one website name, and they’ll never be afraid to access it on the go.