Search Engine Optimization

The first place potential customers research goods or services is on the internet. When was the last time you picked up a phone book? Without a search engine optimization plan or keyword analysis, your site is essentially invisible – causing you repeated missed business opportunities. It’s no longer viable to have a “If you build it they will come” mentality. A well-built website is a must-have to get you in the game – but it alone will not drive traffic.

Social Media Integration

Every site we design and develop is fully integrated with the social media channels of your choice. We make it easy and painless for your customers to share your site and become powerful word-of-mouth online advocates of your brand. We stand firm on the approach that your site is a hub for all of your social media marketing. This means that social media should drive traffic to your site. Not the other way around. We use a select choice of tools and tactics that allow for easy sharing of your content, while keeping visitors where they belong – on your site.

Tracking & Analytics

Whether you want to boost sales, find more visitors or improve the usability of your site, tracking and analytics provide the integral answers and insights needed to improve your business and website. Each website we build includes monthly reports with detailed statistics on your visitors’ geographical location, browsers, time spent on your site and who referred them – just to name a few.