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8 Must-Know Tips to Grow Your Salon Business

Benny Dohrmann, CEO Space International Founder, shares with SALON TODAY his insights from years spent working with entrepreneurs. Here are eight essential tips for shaping a good idea into a great business. Here are eight essential tips for shaping a good idea into a great salon business: 1. “You can’t build a salon business like […]

Salon Marketing Ideas for January and February

New Year salon marketing ideas for January & February January and February are traditionally tough months for hair salons, aesthetic clinics and beauty spas with clients tightening their belts after the frenzied Christmas spend. How you boost your New Year bookings depends, to a large extent, on the type of treatments and services you offer. […]

Using Social media to Grow Your Business

When you own a commission salon, attracting new clients is usually pretty simple—if your salon is located along a busy street, that is. But when you work in a salon studio, such as Sola Salon Studios (the largest salon studio concept in the country, home to nearly 5,000 providing salon professionals!) you have to focus on specific marketing tactics to successfully […]

Top 10 Salon Marketing Ideas for the Pros

By Anna Dizon on January 4, 2018 | Marketing, Retail, Salons | Comments (45) Salons are everywhere, and if you’re planning to get into the beauty business, it’s important to understand how you can differentiate yourself and attract clients. To help you out, we spoke with industry professionals to get their advice. Here are 10 salon marketing ideas from the pros to help you […]

How to write a awesome salon blog

1. Google loves a good salon blog To appease Google, and push your salon website up the search engine rankings, get yourself a business blog. Okay, pen poised… Ready, steady, go. But what to write? How often? How long a blog post? What to talk about? Aaaarrgggh it all gets so complicated. So here’s my […]

Hairstylist How To Become Huge on Instagram

Instagram is like a drug. You get some action on an image and you keep checking back every 30 seconds to hopefully watch your engagement grow and to read comments on how great your image is. It’s a huge rush when an image gets a little traction and you think, “Finally, this is the one […]

How the Beauty Industry Continues to Crack the Bro Code

From Tria’s hair-removal laser to Julep’s toxin-free nail polish, the top venture capital-funded beauty startups of 2014 blush over a vast array of cosmetic needs for women. But that doesn’t mean men are going unnoticed. In fact, according to PitchBook data, two of the companies that raised the most in VC funding last year were Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club, shaving startups which cater to […]