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Salon Management Success

As a salon owner, you may be a multitasking master, juggling business strategy, mentoring, marketing, and customer relations roles. But that versatile skill is worthless if you overlook crucial aspects that inspire and satisfy employees and clients. For salon management success, prioritize the following factors influencing your shop’s overall personality and attitude. Make Team Building […]

Added Hair Tips For Your Clients During Warmer Months

1) Invest in a shower filter. Switch out your regular shower head for a Raindrops or T3 filter to remove heavy metals like mercury, magnesium and copper; iron and rust from steel piping which leads to brassy color; and chlorine, which studies have found present in household water in levels near the recommended amount for swimming pools. “Filtering out these […]

Are You in Need of More Clients?

Here are some great ideas to attract more clients to your salon or spa: 1. Introduce a solid loyalty program. A great loyalty program can win the hearts of your potential clients. If you currently have a program, try spicing it up and making it more worthy for your customers. A great loyalty program can be simple; […]

Salon Prices: Getting them Right

The very first step to growing your salon sales is to charge correctly for all of your services and ensure your services aren’t unnecessarily being discounted or undercharged. Take a look at your current salon prices and study how your current prices are formulated. Your price list needs to be simple and all your services profitable. Here’s […]

New Hairstyles in the Salon Today

Did you procrastinate on the whole “new year, new hair” movement back in January? Great news—we did, too. Luckily, the past few awards show-filled months have offered up no shortage of inspiration ripe for your next salon visit. From Kim Kardashian’s bright platinum, to Ruby Rose’s long pixie, scroll down to see the 10 hottest […]

How to Organize My Salon

How many magazines do you receive? A good rule of thumb would be to keep two issues of a magazine (the current one and a back issue). You provide magazines for people to read, but you don’t have to provide everything. If you stop providing them, they will bring their own reading material. When a […]

Hair Salon Makeover and Renovation Tips

When salon owners are ready to give their business a makeover, they come to SalonSmart. The owner of Salon West teamed with us to update and upgrade the equipment of his salon and spa in Largo, FL. After seeing the fantastic results of Salon West’s renovations, SalonSmart has five salon remodeling and renovation ideas for those hair and […]

Spring Styles On Their Way

Just like spring weather, which can be either warm and sunny or wild and wooly, this year’s spring hairstyles seem to fall into two camps located at either end of the spectrum. On the one hand there is a loose and carefree, natural look, and on the other hand there is a prim and proper, […]

5 Tips To Help Your Salon Go Green

Here are 5 tips you can use to honor the earth and your work space; to create a fresh environment that is eco-friendly and makes a visual statement! Join Green Circle. Green Circle recycles and re-purposes hair, foils, color tubes, and other paper and plastic salon materials. They also help divert excess hair chemicals from being disposed down the […]