How Digital Apps are Re-Defining Salon Professionals Lives

Victoria Bickford, Sales Manager of Salon Media22, is a dynamic and competitive sales professional, focused on developing and executing unique strategies to generate new business, as she has done so far with Salon Media22.  Her passion and expertise of 30 years has awarded her a deep knowledge of the consumer.  While providing her dedication Salon Media22, she has developed a knowledge and understanding of how imperative digital apps have become to the Salon Professional.

In 2016, beauty industry shed more than 21,000 salons, which is almost 9 percent of the total no. of salons in 2016. It is an alarming stat. The reasons listed are various for this sharp reduction, for instance, escalating overheads, salon walkouts, salon suite/loft growth, bored customers and the standard of work. In other words, salons failed to lure customers with anything new or innovative. Moreover, salons also saw reduced profit margins and many were even operating at a loss. Hence, the question arises what the salon industry should do to make this business model work in the wake of increasing costs of worker compensation, social security, corporate tax, rent, insurance, etc.?

The answer isn’t very complicated. The salon industry needs to adjust to the changing times and trends, and the current age is the Digital Age.  And to survive as a commercial enterprise, the salon industry needs to embrace the digital medium as have numerous other industrial sectors. One of the ways to do that is to have a website and mobile app for your salon business. A beauty salon app and the website is an extremely potent medium to showcase your work to your customers moreover it also makes it very convenient for consumers to check their appointment status, pricing, new designs, etc. Consider your website and mobile app as a 24×7 billboard for your salon, so make sure your website and mobile app are done in beautiful and user-friendly manner.


Additionally, the advent of social media has drastically cut down advertising costs for fledgling businesses. You can post valuable and exciting content on subjects that are valuable to your customers. Find their interests and determine what engages them. All this at virtually no additional promotional investment. In short through social media, you can show your current and potential customers that your services are the best. Also, the online presence for a salon shows that the salon’s thinking is up with the times and makes it far more accessible.

Google is the new metric of success in this digital age; every unfamiliar term is asked to be googled. So, make sure that your website is found on google. And it’s effortless to ensure that, with a bit of SEO practice just list your business on google maps, google my business and yelp.

Consumers have been evolving, their expectations and tastes are transforming. The shifts and changes occurring outside the salon industry have had an impact, and as a result of the business model too needs to adapt to those changes. E-commerce has affected brick and mortar stores seriously with 68 Macy’s stores closing along with 42 Sears locations and all the Limited stores. The society is rapidly transforming into an e-commerce society. The move towards digital has been motivated by the consumers’ growing need for instant gratification. Today consumers are too busy to be holding the line for a receptionist for booking an appointment. They want it to be done instantly using their laptop or smartphones.

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