Spring Styles On Their Way

Just like spring weather, which can be either warm and sunny or wild and wooly, this year’s spring hairstyles seem to fall into two camps located at either end of the spectrum. On the one hand there is a loose and carefree, natural look, and on the other hand there is a prim and proper, almost severe style. Take your pick, and feel free to switch it up as the spirit moves you.

There’s really no better way to describe one of the trends this spring than the term wet head. From helmet-like short styles slicked back with gel or oil, and sometimes both, to severe half-up styles and full on low buns for longer hair, these styles are not short on product. Shine comes from serum, oils, and gels, and additional hold comes from creams, mousse and spray. If you want something a little less severe, brush straight back from your forehead or along your part line and style it in place with gel or serum, letting the rest of your hair fall naturally. Combine any of these looks with some sultry eye color or a bright pop of lip color for contrast.

On the other end of the style spectrum this spring we’ll see lots and lots of undone waves. If your hair is naturally wavy, just rake it with your fingers into a loose, low pony or a half-up style, and pull free a few strands. For short styles, just finger comb and go. If you have straight hair, add some simple waves with salt spray and random twists and kinks from a curling iron. You can also loosely braid damp hair or indulge in a bit of backcombing. It’s all a matter of how much wave you want to catch.