5 Tips To Help Your Salon Go Green

Here are 5 tips you can use to honor the earth and your work space; to create a fresh environment that is eco-friendly and makes a visual statement!

  1. Join Green Circle. Green Circle recycles and re-purposes hair, foils, color tubes, and other paper and plastic salon materials. They also help divert excess hair chemicals from being disposed down the drain.
  2. Call your electric company. A visit by your power company’s representative can help unearth ways to save energy and money in your salon. With a review of door and window insulation, electric appliances and more, you can make small tweaks that add up to big savings.
  3. Use glass instead of paper or plastic. Replace plastic cups with glass drinking cups. You can also replace plastic color mixing bowls with ceramic and glass bowls.
  4. Embrace natural elements. When possible, use natural light in your salon to reduce the use of electricity. You can also bring in air-purifying plants for decoration and fresh oxygen!
  5. Ditch the paper. In addition to cups, take a look at ways you can eliminate other paper waste. Most salon software offers e-receipts and mobile apps for your guests and artists, eliminating printed paper receipts and schedules. This is also a great way to grow your guest email list!