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How the Beauty Industry Continues to Crack the Bro Code

From Tria’s hair-removal laser to Julep’s toxin-free nail polish, the top venture capital-funded beauty startups of 2014 blush over a vast array of cosmetic needs for women. But that doesn’t mean men are going unnoticed.

In fact, according to PitchBook data, two of the companies that raised the most in VC funding last year were Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club, shaving startups which cater to the scruffier demographic. Each service offers a monthly blade refill service that can ship shaving products to homes. Harry’s sells products and subscription plans that can be tailored to how often one shaves, while Dollar Shave Club delivers monthly.

Of all U.S. early-stage VC deals in 2014, Harry’s in New York City ranked ninth largest. Since launching just in 2013, it has secured more than $200 million in funding, with subscribers in “the hundreds of thousands,” according to a spokesperson. Dollar Shave Club, meanwhile, raised $50 million last year and counts 1.7 million subscribers.