Do You Build Your Brand With A Salon Blog?

Salon Media22 has been blogging since September 2104. Our Success Blog goes hand-in-hand with supporting Salon Professionals like you to gain independence, fill your book, and be all you dreamed of being when you entered the beauty industry.
That’s why…

Every mobile website Salon Media22 builds come with a blog that will help YOU get started with your very own Brand-Building, Appointment-Getting Professional Salon Blog!

First, let’s talk about why blogging is such an important addition to your salon marketing plan. People like to visit salon blogs because they value getting new tips, trends and tales on a variety of beauty topics. We’re talking about prospects in your local market who want to know just a little bit more of what you already know!

Even if you are not a writer, if you follow a few simple techniques for putting together your posts, keeping a blog will be as easy as chatting with a client or customer.

5 Great Reasons to Own a Salon Blog

Reason #1: Inspire and Teach Others
This is always our top reason because no feeling is better than the feeling you get when you give from the heart.

A good place to start your salon blog is with a “how-to” post. You can even do a whole series of “how-to” posts. Share with your readers how to do a certain hairstyle, that perfect look or whatever you are really good at.

Video blog posts are also a great way to share new insights with your readers. Create a video and share it on your website by hosting it on YouTube.

Now you are an inspiring teacher!

Do you own your own shop?

When you share your story about how you became a successful salon owner, you are showing other aspiring beauty professionals that they can live their dream, too.

You had a dream and you made it come true. That is so inspiring! Share your struggles and how you made it through. Share your goals and your accomplishments. Lead the way for others to do the same.

Reason #2: Good for Your Soul
Writing a blog can be a little like journaling. It is a place to get out your thoughts, express your creativity, share your experiences, and build your confidence.

If you had a great client that inspired you or you just had an interesting day you can blog about it, reflect, and clear your mind. A blog post is a great place to show off images of your work. Potential new clients and current ones, too, will get to see what you can do.

If you have a new idea for beauty services, you can blog about it and get feedback. With feedback you will know what your ideal clients want most. Blogging also helps with the brainstorming process.

Innovating is a wonderful way to set yourself apart from all the other salon pros in your area.

Reason #3: Marketing on a Shoe-String Budget
Having a salon blog works great for attracting new clients and building relationships. That’s because you can share your talent with local people looking for someone with your expertise.

Be sure to post about your expertise, your work and your salon. When you start building a following of readers, you get to tell them about you, and show them why they should come and see you.

You’ll start to come up in the searches when you use Keywords properly. More about that in a future post!

Build up your readership by sharing your posts on social media. Don’t give them the whole post – just a teaser to make them want to know more. Once you get them OFF Facebook and onto YOUR Blog, they are all yours. You’re in control now.

Reason #4: Build Your Credibility
We really cannot tell you enough that a blog is a great place to show off your work and set yourself apart from the rest. Blog posts showing off your latest work, or a new idea that turned out great, build your credibility as an expert in your field.

Your images and words will show your visitors that you have what it takes to help them look and feel their best. You’ll attract new clients, and build loyal relationships with your existing clientele.

Posting on your blog is totally different from posting social media like Facebook because you control the entire space – you own it!

Reason #5: Promoting Good Causes
Closely related to building credibility is promoting a local organization that helps others. What do you believe in? What do you want to support in your local community?

Find a good local cause, and tell a captivating story about why you support it. Encourage your readers to do likewise. Be sure to add links in your post to direct them to the organization’s website, and then promote it on social media like crazy.

NOTE: Links to a reputable concern in your area with help your post to come up in the searches. This will help your entire blog get noticed by your local community. Way to go!

Meaning… more visibility = more new clients!

BONUS REASON: Make Money With Your Blog
A blog can be turned into a money-maker. Another word for this is to “monetize” your blog.

Monetizing your blog involves finding non-competing companies you can affiliate with that have products and services your clients want and need. For instance, if you do hair, you could offer links to hair product sales. These become little advertisements on the side bar of your blog.

This is a big topic – If you would like to learn more about how to turn your blog into a money-maker, leave us a comment below and let us know. We’ll write another post with tips on the best way to monetize your blog.

And, there you have it. Blog marketing. If you don’t have a website or a blog yet, check out WordPress – they have a “free” option. That is one platform where you can get your blog off to a great start.