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Salon Plaza 7 Things You Never Learned in School

Posted on  by Debra-Sue Cope

What You Never Learned in School About Salon Ownership

Let’s face it – As a salon professional, you’re an artist. You’re all about making others look and feel great. But if you want salon owner prosperity to knock on your door, you’ll have a lot more to think about that isn’t taught in school.

If you dream about opening a great salon that keeps clients and gives you freedom, prosperity and control, then you simply MUST pay attention to these 7 things you never learned in school about salon ownership. They just may be your MISSING KEYS to building a more passionate life.

Salon Media22 mission is to empower your desire for growth, freedom and ownership.

So let’s get started!

1. Location Matters to Salon Owner Prosperity

Salon spaces are NOT all the same! Pick a spot that’s convenient for your current clients. For more walk-ins, locate your salon in or near a shopping center with lots of available parking. Having the name recognition that business like Salon Plaza gives you can help, too. A solid book of repeat guests is a must!

At Salon Plaza, they build our private studio salons in shopping centers with high visibility, ample parking and lots of foot traffic. Check our our current openings in Woodbridge, Sterling, Herndon. Best of all, we’re pre-leasing now at our newest location in Manassas. Ask about our Pre-lease Specials and Referral Bonuses.

Salon Owner Prosperity with Salon Plaza2. Keep Your Current Clients

It’s 10 x easier to do more business with a regular guest than it is to attract a new client. That’s why you’ll need to keep your current book. The foundation for your new salon, your client list is super valuable. When you’re about to opened your own shop, make sure you get them excited about your move.

3. Develop Your Online Presence

A web presence is a must in today’s world. Right now, about 87% salons have a website. At Salon Plaza, we give our Members their own personalized, searchable web pages and help them use it to their fullest advantage. You’ll even be able to link to your Facebook and Instagram pages!

4. Perfect Your Meet & Greet Ritual

Imagine this. Here you are, a brand new salon owner, dealing with inventory, repairs, billing, staff… either acting as the receptionist or managing one – you feel like superman or superwoman – or are simply just worn out. For now, just know that hiring and managing a receptionist takes money and time.

The point is – Never forget where your revenues will come from.

How you welcome clients, take payments, and book appointments are key factors to in your success. In the privacy of your own studio, Salon Plaza makes this easy for you to develop your own style and routine. Best of all, you’ll never need to hire a receptionist!

Salon Owner Prosperity with Salon Plaza5. Build Loyalty by Offering Product

Fact is – Clients who don’t buy products from you are 60% more likely to leave. Another plus, one of the fastest ways to increase your profits is to offer professional hair product to your guests.

Think about the benefits – The right products keep your clients looking great in between appointments. Weeks after they’ve been in to see you, their great look will become free “advertising” for you. Plus, with lasting results they will be more likely to recommend you.

When you open a Salon Plaza Studio Salon, you get to choose the product you sell and keep 100% of the profits! This will add significantly to your take-home income.

6. Become Their Trusted Expert

Everybody uses products like shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and styling tools – to the tune of about $12 billion a year! But did you know only 1/3rd of all products are sold in salons?

Help your clients! Become their trusted consultant. If you teach them about healthy hair care and make them feel better about themselves, you will mean more to your clients than any other stylist. That spells L O Y A L T Y !

Salon Plaza gives you the privacy and control to set your atmosphere the way that best reflects you.

7. Owning a salon isn’t a job – It’s a Business!

Remember – It’s easier to open a salon than to run it profitably. That’s because most owners treat it like a job rather than running it like a business. They just don’t know what they NEED to know about how to be in business for themselves.

This is the hidden reason why salons often run in trouble. They aren’t being run like a business! About 95% of all salon failures are due to a lack of management know-how. For salon owner prosperity, you’ll want more than beauty skills – you’ll need to grow your business sense, too!

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