How To Turn Your Customers Into Brand Promoters on Facebook

Facebook has been a gold mine of quality referral traffic for retailers. Not only Facebook has sent friend traffic to e-commerce stores in volumes, this traffic has converted at a high rate boosting retailers’ profits. Social actions of Likes, Shares through Facebook is also providing SEO benefit for retailers.However in recent past, the declining organic reach on Facebook has made it increasingly difficult for retailers to reap the same marketing benefits. Accumulation of fake Likes is further hampering the reach and engagement, turning Facebook into a minefield for retailers. Facebook is being accused of failing retailers.

In reality, retailers are missing the point that Facebook is designed for peer-to-peer communication among users. Retailers should employ strategies for driving word-of-mouth brand promotion and turn their customers into social brand ambassadors. We partnered with ShopSocially and found out that successful internet retailers have used following strategies to achieve stunning social commerce success:

  • Convert website users into Facebook fans
  • Encourage customers for social sharing of purchases
  • Generate deep social insights through Facebook Connect
  • Show social testimonials as social proof on product pages

Take a look at the infographic below and see how you can use Facebook to drive sales for your business.