Adding Value to Salon Services Increases Client Retention

“What are you doing to make every visit a feel-good experience,” asks Eric Fisher, owner of award winning, Eric Fisher Salons and Academy. In his newly released book, Enlightened Hospitality, Eric shares ways to make each salon experience fun, exciting and memorable. According to Eric, the #1 reason people leave a business is not dissatisfaction, it’s boredom. When was the last time you surprised a guest or suggested a change? In an excerpt from his latest book, Eric serves up a few “surprises” you can offer your guests.

• Work people into your busy schedule.
• Offer free neck trims.
• Perform a free scalp massage.
• Create a Retail Bonus Card.
• Invite them to a salon/spa event.
• Bundle services and offer a “value added’ experience.
• Include a hot towel treatment for male clients.
• Always offer a make-up refresh or touch-up.
• Partner with another business for exchange of gift cards.
• Bring fresh bagels, cookies, candies or other surprises on occasion.
• Give away free samples.
• Offer stress-free bang trims.
• Give a shoulder or hand massage.