5 Hair Salon Marketing Tips

Your hair salon can probably survive even without marketing and that’s perfectly fine if you’re only interested in getting by, making payroll and covering operating costs. However, those hair salon owners who actually thrive and become prosperous are ones who know how to effectively market their businesses. Here are some of the most successful and most powerful marketing tips that you can use to increase clientele and boost revenues. Let’s begin.

Offer Incentives to Employees and Clients

The hair salon industry is worth about $75 billion dollars and over 100 million Americans use hair salons within a one year period. And, since there are hair salons on almost every corner, retaining skilled professionals and promoting customer loyalty should be your main marketing goal. To ensure success, you must offer loyalty rewards, a referral system, or gift cards to your clients. Not only will this inspire confidence and engagement but it will also give them a strong incentive to come back.

By showing appreciation to your clients and even giving incentives to your hair stylists, you engage in a win-win situation. You show appreciation, they feel acknowledged and get busy spreading the word about how great your salon really is.

Launch A Business Website

The trend among consumers with money to burn is to use the Internet to window shop. Nowadays, they don’t have to stick to the same old hair salon year after year after year. Instead, they can shop around for the best deals without leaving the comfort of home. Plus, budget-conscious consumers are always looking for fantastic service at great deals. This makes a website an absolute necessity if you’re serious about your marketing efforts. Plus, if you secure high rankings within the search engines, you can obtain even more business. After all, people within your area are even more likely to find your website on online maps, online directories than simply finding your salon by simply walking by and coming in for a salon service (sight unseen).

Offer Group Discounts and Makeover Promotions

The name of the game is keeping costs down – not just for you but also for consumers. By offering group discounts, you get regular traffic into your hair salon that will greatly improve brand consciousness and the perception among passerby that your business is thriving and very popular. The makeover promotion is like tapping into the reality TV show phenomena where one comes into the salon looking like your ordinary housewife or single female frazzled adult and leaving like a movie star!

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Inside your salon and on your website, invest in new technology and equipment. There are excellent signages you can choose and videos you can put up on your website. You can also use your website to start accepting online appointments. These are important marketing tools designed to impress your customers and potential market. It’s all part of image and branding.

Create Your Image Brand and Be A Trendsetter

Finally, it’s not good enough that you have a snazzy hair salon, you also need to dress the part and have your stylists look amazing, presentable (no chewing gum or frightening looks), and encourage them to resemble celebrities. You don’t have to stick to a certain body shape, height, or level of attractiveness when hiring stylists. Instead, choose professional stylist that know how to play the part. By now you should know that everyone can look great with a few hair and make-up tricks. The target should be a look and style that customers would want to imitate.