Strategic Relationships to Market Your Hair Salon

Marketing your salon may seem like an overwhelming task, and it can be. Several factors play into successful marketing campaigns that often results in more clients. Before starting your campaign, look at the following factors carefully.


The best marketing is sometimes your client base. Client referrals mean increased profits for you. The key to gaining client referrals is through relationship marketing with your current client base. While somewhat cliche, the phrase “make every customer count” plays a pivotal role in relationship marketing. With a salon, you have ample opportunities for engaging face time with your clients. The key is to make every customer experience a good one, one that they’ll be proud to share.

Marketing Relationships

While your salon offers several different services, there is one main service: quality hair styling. You have a dedicated customer base, but you’re also looking to add clients. Joint ventures in marketing could greatly help you and your marketing partners. Think of businesses that share your target audience, or a great deal of them. One example is a wedding photographer. If you specialize in styling for big events, co-marketing with a wedding photographer helps spread word about your salon to her already established photography clients, and vice versa. If either of you send out newsletters or have blog posts, promoting the other can drive business both ways.


While your clients are the glue that holds your salon together, your website is a pivotal tool in maintaining your clients, growing a bigger client base and keeping your relationships in tact. In this day in age, websites are more important than ever. People enjoy researching services and businesses like your salon from the comfort of their home. Services like those provided by Salon Media22 offer turnkey websites with several features designed for today’s hair salon. Features such as appointment schedulers, share functions, traffic statistics, mobile sites and more help you stay on top of your game while giving your clients — both current and prospective — what they crave: online access to what you’re offering. Salon Media22 also offers referral rewards for residual income.

All in all, your marketing campaign will be as successful as you make it. The time you put in is time invested into future profits and a growth of your client base. Having a marketing strategy based on relationships, online availability and marketing partners has exponential benefits that will boost your clients’ satisfaction and your bottom line..