10 Creative Ways to Market Your Hair Salon

Competition within the beauty and hair industry is extremely fierce. Only the strong survive or specifically, salons that market effectively, maintain strong relationships with their clients, offer new and innovative hairstyles and products and deliver outstanding customer service.  In contrast, salons that remain stagnant, don’t care about pleasing customers or marketing creatively, will inevitably fail.  But, how can you build a brand and build a solid relationship? Easily, with attraction marketing! Attraction marketing is marketing to individuals and allowing them to come to you. In essence, it is great way to prequalify your prospects and pitching your product or services before you actually do. In essence, Attraction marketing allows you to increase visibility while building solid business partnerships.   Here are ten popular and highly effective ways to market your hair salon:

Team-up with Local Photographers

Let them do the selling for you. A hair stylist is absolutely essential for photographers that consistently team up with models. After all, a model’s hair must look good before and during her photo-shoot. If you are able to partner with a well-known photographer, you can be their go-to hair stylist for all their photo gigs. Not only will this enable you to promote your salon to a number of qualified clients but you’ll also get credit as the stylist if the photos get published.

Take Incredible Photos of Your Clients

Nothing says beautiful like a photograph. Always take before and after shots of your clients, especially ones who are having new treatments or making drastic changes to their appearance. Not only will this demonstrate your stylists’ mad skills, it will enable you to build rapport with clients and give them something to show friends and family members. Always give your clients a copy of the photo but remember to attach a label on the back of all photos with your logo and contact information so that anyone who sees the photo can contact you too.

Post the Photos

After you’ve obtained releases for the photos, show them off.  Most clients won’t mind if you post the photos on Pinterest or even enter them into a beauty contest. Another option is Facebook, Twitter and in Instagram. Either way, photos can be a great way to spread the word about your styling ability.

Create a Blog for Your Business

Having a blog with great content can boost your credibility and authenticity points much higher than a static site. When it comes to online marketing and good content, more is always better. Especially if you focus on authoritative, informative and search engine optimized content that provides the reader with valuable tips and information. Some great topics are new hair care treatments, regimens for specific types of hair, review of hair care or beauty products, etc. Having original and fresh content will please the research engines and your human readers also.

Be More Visible in Social networking sites.

People are always online in Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. However, its not just enough to be one there – you have to post to your account regularly. To do this, connect with people online. Update your salon’s Facebook status all the time. Tweet and retweet relevant content. Start conversations. Balance informational posts with promotional ones. You can even feature online contests to get followers and subscribers more involved.

Be your salon’s best cheerleader

Represent your site well. Always be active in the promotional process. Be a walking billboard for your business. Make sure that you look good all the time and wear incredible styles. People love to see a daring, fun and interesting hairstyle and when you flaunt one, everyone will stand up and take notice. You can then tell them that you got your hair done at your salon!

Hand out your salon’s business cards.

Always have business cards, brochures and flyers available if someone expresses interest in your services. Not only will this demonstrate a high degree of professionalism but also it will give them a way to contact you for additional information. Always add your salon’s name, address, phone, operating hours, website URL and any social media accounts as well.

Stay updated with the trends in hair industry.

Know what is in and what hair styling techniques are in and out and make sure that all of your stylists are well versed as well. Obtain conferences and training courses and brag about it to anyone who will listen. By doing this, you’ll demonstrate your expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Participate in public events

If there is an art festival coming to your place, why not set up a shop or a booth in a local public park to increase your exposure in your area. You can give free hair trims to people, distribute discount coupons and promote your business effectively.

Make a membership program

Having regular clients is a sign that your business is doing well so recognize those repeat customers with some great perks like a free massage with every 10th haircut, a free haircut when they bring in a friend, etc. By providing them with these great opportunities, you can strengthen relationships and generate more cash flow.

In conclusion, competition can be tough as a salon owner.  However, there are many ways that you can attract a wonderful client base if you if you really enjoy managing and working in your hair salon business.  patience and hard work, more and more clients will be coming to your salon to get the service that they deserve..