Tips for Growing Your Salon

business owner regardless of industry, a salon owner holds the potential success for their venture in the own hands – both its direction and ultimately, its potential success. Looking at your own salon, what are you doing to grow your business?

We’ve gathered some practical tips from educators and business consultants within the salon industry who offer their perspective on where your priorities should lie as a business owner to take your salon to the next level.

Determine why your customers are customers, then build messaging around these reasons.
Writer Tyler Powers notes in his piece “Hair Salon Marketing Tips to Help Your Grow Your Business” that step one for any salon owner is to do a thorough study first of his or her own business, and figure out what value existing customers think the salon offers them – perhaps it’s excellence in service, maybe it’s top-notch cuts or color or it could even be more about the mood and surroundings at your establishment. Get to the heart of where you are successful, then build marketing around those specific assets.

Create an atmosphere that encourages more business.
In his article “Upselling to Your Hair Salon Clients,” salon business consultant Steve Winder stresses the importance of setting an atmosphere with clients that supports your goals to grow your business. Two of the most important keys to doing this are removing any obstacles in the way of the client saying “yes” and going for it by simply asking the client. Sometimes businesses are afraid to ask for more business. Perhaps if your client even knew you offered a particular service or product, they would be coming to you, their trusted hair salon, instead of their current source.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse.
Salon marketers notes in their article “Spa & Salon Advertising: Grow Your Business” the importance of having a deal that customers and potential customers just can’t resist. Through the steady use of attention-grabbing marketing tools such as coupon cards, salon gift certificates, flyers and similar collateral, salons can improve their chance of greater foot traffic, louder word of mouth and potentially a more prominent presence in front of local consumers.

Market, market, market, and do so monthly!
Alex Campbell notes the importance of diligence and consistency in reaching out to fresh prospects each month in his column “How to Attract More Customers to Your Barber Shop or Hair Salon.” But he also acknowledges that this cannot be done unless you lay out the plan and budget to allow yourself to support a regular, targeted marketing campaign.

Don’ be afraid to ask for help where and when you need it.
Jon Gonzalez of Hairdresser Career Development Systems points out in his article ”Five Tips to Growing Your Business” the value of specialists coming in to save you the time typically wasted by whipping up your own solutions. Rather than spend time trying to learn how to do a service you may only use once or twice a year, let someone who does this for a living come in and do it right the first time.

Stop to examine your own business right now. Where have you already been successful with your marketing and promotions before (that is, what has been most effective for you in the past)? Do you know why that was the case?.