It’s time for happy hour in the salon

When it comes to happy hour, there are a lot of ways to construct a new party program for your salon or spa that will make your clients feel good about coming in, and coming back, from the moment they enter your salon.

Create a Happy Hour that doesn’t only make clients ‘happier,’ but also makes you happier; specifically, construct your Happy Hour offerings to help fill out the books during slower hours, promote new services and products, promote retail sales and add-on services, promote filling the books for new stylists, etc.

While the mind naturally goes to the idea of alcohol when you hear the term, it doesn’t mean that your salon’s happy hour has to be intoxicating per se – so don’t dismiss the idea out of hand. If you are ok with alcohol but worry about serving a glass of wine, develop a special Sangria recipe for your salon (you’ll cut the alcohol content without losing a drop of taste, fun or customer happiness).

If you want to go non-alcoholic, consider making Hair-tini’s or Skin-tini’s – special cocktails of hair products designed to treat the hair, skin or scalp – and serve soda and snacks instead.

However you construct your Happy Hour, don’t forget to incorporate other components needed to make this a special time in your salon, versus your regular hours: Happy Hour is a chance to turn up the music, turn down the stress and treat clients to some special samples, demonstrations, styling or makeup touchups, tips and tricks, mini-treatments, and happy hour pricing on ‘appetizers’ like trial size products and free add-ons. Other options to consider: Referral or bring a friend bonuses, spot-prize drawings and contests, even games, cards or entertainment.

Here are a few happy hour style variations:

One traditional application for Happy Hour is to create a Friday afternoon-to-evening ‘date prep’ or ‘de-stress’ happy hour where clients can come and get ready for a night out with a special someone or with the girls or the boys or where they can relax for an hour or so with a glass of wine or beer. Even if they aren’t going out, it’s a great way for clients unwind and socialize after a long stressful week!

Book Builders
If Fridays are one of your busiest times (or you close early) then choose another time during the week. Choose slower times (like Monday-Wednesday 2-5 PM) to plump up bookings during those hours. Or create a lunch-hour happy hour and partner with a restaurant, deli or caterer to provide clients with the option of lunching right in your salon or spa.

Create a Happy Hour Package with complimentary beverage that features services designed to “package” your clients for the evening — a cut with color highlights, blowout and style plus mini-skin care facial and makeup touchup at a special package price for those with the time – or a blowout and style with makeup touchup for a quicker turn. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to send styling and cosmetics home with your clients – offer special Happy Hour pricing for these as well!

And it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t mention St. Patrick’s Day!
If you don’t want to make it a regular gig, consider a St. Patrick’s Day version for a social mixer and retail blowout for clients..