Are You Selling Salon Services or Outcomes?

Do salons sell hair cuts or hair styles?

We’re always talking about our services and our products when we should be talking about customer outcomes.  Their outcomes are the reason they buy, not our skills, education, price points or personalities.

It’s about outcomes.

Failure to think and communicate in terms of outcomes isn’t the only problem with the marketing and sales results for most salons and spas.  Many are also failing to think about marketing tools and tactics in terms of outcomes.

It’s not a haircut, it’s a hair style.

It’s not a website, it’s a prospect magnet.

It’s not social media, it’s a real time engagement tool.

It’s not an email blast, it’s an invitation.

Start thinking about your marketing tools and campaigns in terms of outcomes and design them to do what you want them to do.

Your salon’s website is not a tribute to how great you and your team are – or at least that shouldn’t be its purpose.  Your website is a marketing tool whose primary function is to attract web traffic. And not just any old web traffic, but web traffic in your area.  And not just web traffic in your area, but web traffic in your area on the part of people who fit in some category of your target markets or ideal client types.

That being the case, evaluate the content on your website against the criteria of attracting members of your target markets.  Evaluate the way your site is optimized (meta tags, titles, URL, landing pages, calls to action) against the outcomes you want your website to produce.

When you think about each of your marketing tools and marketing campaigns against a main objective, it will help you to focus. And when your efforts are more focused and targeted, you are much more likely to hit the mark.

Stop thinking about your business in terms of skills, services and products.  Focus instead on identifying, improving and adding to the outcomes that you can provide.

Listen to what people are telling you they really want.  Stop trying to tell everyone everything there is to know about you and your business and tell them about how you can achieve their desired outcomes, instead.  Find ways to engage with members of your customer base and target markets to find out what it is they really do want, and then tell them how your salon delivers..