Hair Salon Promotional Ideas

Hair salons work hard to satisfy existing costumers in order to keep them coming back. With much competition in the hair cutting field, these businesses should concentrate on attracting new clients also. There are many promotional strategies for a salon to consider. Review some suggestions and pick the ones that fits best with your business goals, budget and target market, so that your revenue and client base will increase

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Discount Services
Postcard or flyer mailings with discounts are attractive to potential clients. Offering 20 to 50 percent off of a product or service may bring in many new customers. Discount mailings also can be reminders to consumers who don’t schedule appointments regularly. Your graphics should show the latest hair style trends, employ strategic wording and good design and include all contact information. Also, consider a happy birthday wish to a client from you and your employees. This creates a personal touch and bond with your customers.

Referral Incentives
Have your current clients help in the promotion by offering them discounts or free services or products for the recruitment of their friends, family members and acquaintances. For example, for a customer who refers a cousin, offer a half-off coupon or another discount that will not break the bank..