Hair Stylist Custom Facebook Fan Page Benefits

Hair Stylist Custom Facebook Fan Page have become a essential component to spreading your message, brand or product to more people, efficiently, cheaper and easier on the world’s largest social network. But as more and more people start to utilize Facebook to help promote their businesses, standing apart from your competition becomes increasingly important.

By default, once you have created a Facebook fan page, when users come to your fan page they see the news feed from your wall. Luckily, Facebook has made it possible to create a custom fan page, directing new users and fans to these custom “tabs” instead of your news feed.

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Custom Facebook fan pages accelerate your success growing your business or selling your product.

1. Create a branded identity on the social web

The key is to create a customized page for users who have never seen your fan page before.
When they arrive, want to greet them with a message, welcome them, and introduce them to your brand. Aside from that, the goal here is to give them a reason to click the “Like” button. Your branded message of text, images, and other media will be the first thing they see, so it is essential that it be engaging and consistent with your current brand identity. Custom fan pages can be as simple as an basic image with a link, or as complex as a mini version of your main website.

2. Drive more traffic to your business
[infobox]Quick tip: Google ranks Facebook fan pages in its search results and a Fan page is a quick way to get some search results out there for a new company.[/infobox]

By utilizing HTML on your custom fan pages you can add stylized text, links, buttons, and images that can help direct your customers into your conversion stream. By using only a regular fan page, your new potential fans will see a list of articles or recent posts made by you or your fans when they join. Presenting this initial custom page helps convert the new user into a fan of your page and then direct them to your intended destination for new clientele, be it on Facebook or another website.

3. Build your email list through promotions and built in Facebook forms

Facebook permits custom forms styled with the Facebook look on fan pages to capture your fans’ email addresses. Keeping a mailing list allows you to keep your fans updated on future advertisements and news from your company.

It is also possible to create several custom fan pages to showcase multiple promotions at the same time. These appear as multiple “tabs” across the top of your Fan page, and these custom tabs can serve as seperate landing pages for certain customer groups. Want to create a audience targeted message for a specific age group? Look no further, custom fan pages are the way to go.

4. Impress your fans with video

Another neat trick to impress your fans is to embed a video into your fan “Welcome” page to give your customers a quick overview about your company. People love video and having a custom video always showcased on the opening page will help your customers understand your message much faster than even the most interesting Facebook news feed.

5. Advertise your services / Sell your product

The greatest thing about the custom fan page is the fact that you can guarantee that the first thing your new potential fans see when they arrive on your page is your branded image, colors, and message. You can direct people to a sales stream, towards an advertised product, featured video, etc. Sometimes, due to the high traffic that flows through Facebook, when people search up your company, your Facebook fan page is higher in the search results than your website.

With the world today being more and more focused on brand awareness, identity and communication, Facebook Custom Fan Pages are a great way to create a social hub for your brands’ message..