Salon Marketing Ideas for New Salons

7 Web-Based Hair Salon Marketing Ideas for New Salons

Even if your beauticians came with an active client list, you still want to build a culture of trust and loyalty in your new salon. Luckily, establishing an image for your standard of care has gotten easier as the web and digital marketing has evolved. Take a seat for some hair salon marketing ideas that stand up in the digital age.

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1. Use video to classify your persona and style

We’ve seen collections of Facebook videos that offer testimonials, how-to videos and behind-the-scenes photo shoots. Aya Salon took it a step further by working with a videographer to produce a short documentary about the salon and the Aya team.

2. Appeal to the masses by taking appointments online

Start off on a fresh foot by launching with current technology. Allow guests to book online and you will be more accessible by removing the barrier between you and your new clients. Lucky 13 Hair Salon lets customers book appointments through their website and even through their Facebook page.

3. Bring your advertisers to the next level
Most hair salons already have partnerships with their vendors, but Tease Hair Salon partners with Redken by giving them real estate on their Facebook page in a section labeled “Salon” and through Redken-branded events. Through Tease, Redken gets a full-page advertisement with polls, featured products and style tips.

4. Turn your stylists into local hair celebrities
New Leaf Hair Studio in Bristol, Rhode Island, is an award-winning salon specializing in bridal hair and makeup. Their blog is full of posts that feature their team members through photos, interviews and stories. When they need a model, the team has no problem stepping up the plate there, either!

5. Give your team a soapbox and give your customers the address
The team at Emerson Salon leads the front page of their clean-cut website. Names and photos are featured front and center, while links to personal Twitter accounts and blog posts ask clients to “see who’s behind the scissors”. On each individual bio page, team members give out even more information including their Facebook profile, Google+ profile and email address. A bold move only for salons with a tight-knit, trustworthy team.

6. Capitalize on before and after photos
Your work can speak for itself when you create a portfolio of before and after photographs. Use Facebook to solicit volunteers for your digital lookbook, or casually ask your more dramatic clients when they arrive. Cool Looks Salon has a budding portfolio of before and after photos.

7. Become a local resource on hair design
Be more than just a vendor by becoming an expert. XEX Hair Gallery in Chicago has an active blog that focuses on trends in hair styles. They recently blogged about the feather extensions trend and their blog is full of how-to posts for popular hairstyles, including hip up-dos to fight the summer heat. They also post staff updates and their commentary on the world of fashion..