Rebooking Clients

Getting your clients to rebook their next appointment while they are in the salon is paramount to your salon success. Here are a few reasons why this is so important.

Your client say’s it all

Remember that every client is a walking BILLBOARD of your work; I cannot keep count of how many clients I have gained from strangers asking my clients where they have their hair done, while they are out shopping. They are more than willing to spread the word for you, why would they not, a stranger has just paid them the biggest complement.

Educating your clients to rebook their next appointment will assure them that you care enough to want to see them again, and want to maintain their hair looks good at all times.

Take control over your clients.

As a rule if you ask a client “would you like to rebook your next appointment” 80% will say no. you need to work at this. You need to educate you staff to use a script that you feel works for your salon and team, and the only way to know this, is to make up a script for your salon, teach all staff what to say and monitor the response, tweak the script and monitor again.

At our salon we have a system that starts at the cutting chair and finishes at the reception desk, we never ask them to rebook. We always use a formulated script.

Email or text messages, to all rebooked clients.

Once you have booked your clients, it is good practice to send them either an email, text or call them 1-2 days before the appointment to remind them that their visit is due.

So take the initiative, gather the staff and come up with a script for your salon. Try it for 6 weeks and see what happens, meet up with the staff on a weekly basis and ask them how’s it going at the coal face, they will have an idea of the clients reactions. BUT THE REAL ANSWER WILL BE IN YOUR FIGURERS.

Ignore these at your peril; you are losing lots of clients and lots of money if your salon does not have a rebooking procedure..