3 Marketing Ideas for Estheticians that Want to Succeed in 2015

Most estheticians need to think like business owners, especially when it comes to marketing. The 2015 Marketing Calendar for Independent Beauty Pros is an ideal tool for estheticians, and can provide the inspiration for marketing ideas that can help fill the books. Here’s why.

Estheticians that work more or less independently within a salon, work on their own as an independent beauty professional or even work within a commissioned salon all have one thing in common: They need marketing ideas that can help them build a client base, engender client loyalty and promote word of mouth and referrals among their followers.

The 2015 Marketing Calendar for Beauty Professionals is the esthetician marketing guide that can make that happen! In it, you will find:

A marketing plan laid out for you on paper with ideas for every day of the year
Marketing guidance and content ideas that will help attract local clients who are looking for services online
Engagement ideas for using social networks, email marketing and web content to attract new clients, increase sales of professional retail product lines, and trigger word of mouth referrals among clients and local followers

The great thing about the 2015 Marketing Calendar for Beauty Pros is that it is laid out on a wall-calendar format. You can easily look and plan ahead so that you do not miss out on important marketing opportunities and you can use the scorecard to track your progress each month. Best of all, you could already be using it to build your book of business as an esthetician since it’s a 15-month marketing calendar beginning in October 2014 and running through December 2015!

3 Foundational Marketing Ideas Estheticians Need to Build their Books in the New Year

Stop Saying ‘Word of Mouth’ is Your Best Marketing
Word of mouth isn’t a marketing strategy, it’s a faith-based plan that requires your clients to take actions, spontaneously, to help you build your business. While your clients may readily recommend your services to friends, family and co-workers who ask them for a referral, it’s not likely that they are proactively marketing your business to their friends, family and co-workers on social networks.

More than anyone else, you should be the person who is proactively marketing and promoting your services. You need a real plan – laid out on paper or a computer – that requires that you take specific actions to promote your business, each and every day, even if they only take a few minutes.

Max Out Use of Free Marketing Tools!
So many of today’s digital marketing tools can be used at no cost, other than an investment of time. From social networks to the content that you publish on your website or professional blog (you need one, or the other, or both!) it’s never been cheaper and easier for you to roll up your sleeves and work to build your own business. 97% of U.S. consumers say that they start (and often end) their search for a local business just like yours online. If you are not active in marketing your esthetician services online, you are missing out on a majority of the potential business in your local area, simply by not showing up!

Think of Marketing as the Most Important Cost of Doing Business – and the Only One that Pays for Itself!
Too many estheticians and booth renters fall back on the excuse that they don’t “have money” to do marketing. Marketing is not optional if you want to build a strong book of business as an esthetician – it’s a necessary cost of doing business.

What’s more, many of the marketing activities you need to employ to promote your services as an esthetician can be done for little or no money. And best of all, the investment of time, money or resources in marketing your esthetician services is one of the only costs of doing business that can not only bring in a return on investment that pays for itself, but should more than pay for itself and provide you with money to reinvest in additional marketing activities as well as the money you need to replenish and expand product inventory, invest in equipment, expand or even open your own salon or spa.

Seattle-area marketing consultant Elizabeth Kraus is the author of 12 Months of Marketing for Salon and Spa and the 2015 Marketing Calendar for Beauty Professionals, available on amazon.com..