Make Instagram Work for Hairstylist

If you’re not already using Instagram you best sign up ASAP. Instagram has become an integral part for brands and individuals wanting to promote themselves more. Part artistic expression, part business savvy, Instagram’s platform allows you to share your work, inspiration, and much more with the touch of a finger. It’s the perfect platform for hairstylists to feature their work. Here we’ll share the tips that Instagram-famous stylists have used to make it to the top.

Use Hashtags Wisely

The humble hashtag. While not everyone understands it’s importance, it’s a critical tool in getting noticed on Instagram. Don’t go overboard on these little guys though. Instead, choose wisely when thinking of terms. Choose those that are relevant, and some that are popular. For instance, an obvious one (and popular to boot) is #hair. It’s also important to tag your city so that those searching it can find you and your salon.

Quality Over Quantity

People rather see great things less often, rather than so-so things more often. Don’t be annoying by posting all the time. Spread it out. While you should post frequently to get followers, frequency does not equally ten times within 3 hours.

Additionally, look for interesting opportunities to take photos. Think about angles and different points of view. If you think about it, is it really that interesting to see tons of photos of the back of someone’s head while they’re sitting in your chair? Mix it up and have them stand outside, or find a different angle to take the photo from.

Play Nice With Others

Just like other social media platforms, Instagram is not meant to be a one-way street. Engage with other users and be a presence in the Instagram community. No one likes a snob.

Become a Fan

Check out other stylists on Instagram, and find those who are most successful. Maybe they’re celebrity hairstylists, but maybe they’re Susie the hairdresser from the next town over. Wherever they’re from, if they’re successful on Instagram, be sure to take notes. And don’t forget to check out Instagram’s blog for valuable tips and insights.

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