First Impressions, Is your Salon Cutting It

First Impressions, Is your Salon Cutting It?

Next time you enter your salon, pretend you are a brand new client. What do you see? How does the space make you feel? Is it chaotic or relaxed? Messy or organized? Loud or calm? Is equipment well-kept, or could it be in better condition? Does staff look frazzled or put together?

As a new client you are taking in everything at once. An immediate impression of the salon sets the tone of how you begin to foresee the rest of your appointment panning out. But, if your client left right then – right after the first impressions were made – what would he/she say to others? Would your salon rate at the top of the hot list? If not, what might you do to help change that?

It is important to never forget that you are selling an entire “salon experience”, not just the talent of those working. It might seem scary or overwhelming to consider this big picture, but it is a key factor to salon success.

If you see changes that need to be made but aren’t quite sure how to do it yourself, don’t be afraid to reach out to experts like Salon Design Solutions. They will listen to everything you need and build a strategic plan of implementation, customized to your specific salon.

First impressions matter, make sure your salon is running and looking its best..