4 Ways to court male clients

Men are often an afterthought of salon marketing. But salons that aren’t considering potential male clients are losing out on a significant chunk of loyal business. In reality, men are just as likely to want to look good, and if you treat them right, they’ll be more than happy to listen to your product and service suggestions.

How to you rope them into your salon? With simple marketing.

1) Utilize down times to bring in new clients

Every salon has it’s down period, whether it’s a few hours in the afternoon or a day that’s slower than the others. Hone in on that down time and use it as a way to fill the salon with male clients. Attract walk-ins with sidewalk displays and signs. Create a male hour where the TVs switch over to ESPN. There are endless options. Just get creative!

2) Create male-oriented services & packages

From groomsmen party specials to shaves and masculine pampering, utilizing an if-you-build-it-they-will-come philosophy is definitely key in bringing male clients through the door. Too often salons think of them as just there for a haircut, but, if positioned right, male clients will listen and can be persuaded to try new services, including color.

3) Host events

Events–especially VIP-style with perks for great clients–are always a hit, and they can also get guys through the door. Consider some couples nights that will lead your female clients to bring their male partners into your salon, and offer an incentive to get them back, like a discount for a future service.

4) Reach out

Male clients can be just as loyal as female clients, and staying in touch is key. Develop content marketing just for men and keep them in the loop through email blasts and postcards. In addition, reach out to them through their other frequent hangouts by partnering for cross-promotions with men’s clothing shops, gyms, car shops and more.

No matter how to decide to market, the only real failure would be to continue to ignore this mostly untapped client base.