Client Building Tips for Hair Stylists

Developing a strong client base is one of the keys to success for anyone who works in a service or retail business, such as a hair stylist. Walk-in customers are great, but they don’t provide a steady income because there is no way of knowing when they are coming in. Having a steady core of customers that you can rely on weekly and monthly, and doing the little things to keep them happy, will help you increase your client list, as will networking and adding personal touches to your work.

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Word-of-Mouth Advertising and Referrals
Word-of-mouth advertising is your best way of building your client base. If you perform your job well and your clients are pleased with the service you give them, they will tell others about it. Be also aware the reverse is true (if you provide inferior service or do a poor job, they will also let other people know about it as well). Doing the little things, such as being pleasant without be chatty, and offering your expertise about grooming, will make your clients happy to tell others. By getting referrals from your current client base, you concurrently improve your reputation in the business and your income opportunities.

Business Cards and Promotional Literature
Have business cards for your services printed up. Get permission from your salon owner to use its business card template to create your own business cards. Hand your business cards out to current and potential clients. If the salon does not have its own cards, ask your management for permission to have your own cards printed as a way to build your business. Along those same lines, hand out any salon-specific fliers and other literature when you give out business cards. Include your name and email address on the literature so the recipients ask for you when they call the salon..