How to attract new clients to your salon

My blog post on attracting new salon clients has stayed in our Most Popular Posts section since it went live. So, I’ve given it a major make-over, added three new sections and created a power-house of salon marketing tips and ideas to get those new clients into your hair or beauty salon.

How to find more new clients for your hair or beauty business.

The question every salon or spa owner wants to know – in this post I focus on the 4 key ways:

Find new salon clients with local business partners – NEW
How to make your salon website a new client magnet – NEW
How to use social media to build your client database – NEW
New clients through word of mouth – the core of my original blog post.

1. Find new salon clients with local business partners

In a word: network.

Use the local businesses and connections on your doorstep to attract new clients into your hair salon or beauty salon. It’s easy and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Make friends locally and help each other. You piggy-back on their existing loyal customer base. They do likewise.

But. And there’s always a but. Marketing partnerships are not quick-fire marketing tactics. You need to be in it for the long-haul. You need to build strong relationships.

Here are 5 salon marketing partnership ideas to get you started:

Choose retailers and businesses with a similar client base

Sounds obvious, but look for businesses which are after the same customer audience. Fashion retailers, restaurants, wedding dress shops, bars, health clubs, florists… you get the picture.

And don’t forget beauty salons if you’re a hair salon, and vice versa.

Attract new salon or spa clients with a tempting offer

Decide on your offer before you approach the prospective business partner. Think through all the practical steps and the terms and conditions in advance so you stay in control of the meeting.

Explain how both businesses stand to gain new clients

Having decided on your salon offer, approach the business owner and explain how a partnership could thank and reward their clients and open up new markets for both of you.

First impressions are key to attracting new clients

I always recommend getting your designer or salon marketing agency to write and design the marketing materials you want your new business partner to use.

Why? Because not everyone shares your high standards and you don’t want their sloppy Facebook posts, website offers missing vital terms and conditions or clip-art leaflets printed on cheap paper.

You are promoting your salon or spa to a brand new customer base. Don’t waste this golden marketing opportunity for the sake of a few marketing pounds..