Increase your customer base and make more money

Hairstylists have many ways to increase their clientele and make more money . To increase your clientele you should find a salon that is in a busy location, this will enable you to get more new customers. Always try to work more hours and days to increase your customer base. Learn new techniques in hair cutting, coloring or perming. Go to seminars, advanced classes or beauty shows. This will increase your knowledge and keep you updated on the new styles, products and techniques in doing hair. It can give you an advantage over the competition. The more you know, the more you can offer a client.

Find a salon to work in that offers a variety of services. The more services you offer means more money in your pocket and a larger volume of customers. For the hairstylist that is just starting out it is a good idea to start working in a franchise or mall style salon with plenty of walk-ins. This will give you experience and a way of building a clientele.
Many hairstylists will build a clientele and than after two years they decide to move. So what can they do? Number one, contact your regular customers and let them know. Customers are usually loyal to their hairdressers especially if the hairdresser styles their hair the way they want. It isn’t easy to replace a hairstylist and no one likes to search for another one. Customers will likely follow you as long as it isn’t too far and the prices are not too high.

If all your customers don’t follow you than try advertising in the local newspapers. A good incentive for new customers could be a discount for requesting you. You can write a little profile about yourself and your experience. This is a great way to find new customers as well as former customers.
Another way to increase your customer base is to provide good customer service. Always give clients your undivided attention as this is important in establishing a good client relationship. Listen to what the customer wants. Have them look at styling books to get some ideas. Once you know what the client wants It would be a good idea to find out if he or she can maintain that style at home . If not, offer suggestions that may help.

Now, just because your customer wants a certain look doesn’t mean they will look good . As a professional, you want to tactfully suggest another style that would look nicer. A good example is to say, “that style is nice but this style makes your hair look fuller and brings out the beauty in your face”. It is very important.