Grow your Salon business with QR Codes

What is a QR code?

Quick Response (QR) QR Codes are two-dimensional bar codes that can contain any alpha-numeric text and often feature URL’s that direct users to websites where they can learn about an object or place (a practice known as ‘mobile tagging’). Decoding software on such tools as camera phones and tablets interprets the codes, which represents considerably more information than a one-dimensional code of similar size.

The codes are increasingly found in places like product labels, billboards and buildings – inviting passers-by to pull out their mobile phones and uncover the encoded information. Codes can provide tracking information for products in industry, routing data on a mailing label, or contact information on a business card. Small in size, the code pattern can be hidden or integrated into an attractive image in newspaper, magazines or even clothing.

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How does a QR code work?

Data can be translated into a QR code by any QR generator. Here is a link to a free QR code generator. Users simply enter the data to be translated, and the generator produces the code. This code can then be displayed electronically or in printed format.

Decoding the information can be done eith any mobile camera phone that has a QR reader, which is freely available online for most devices. Once the software is loaded, a user points the cell phone camera toward the code and scans it. The software interprets the code, and the cell phone will either display the text or ask for permission to launch a browser to display the specific web page.

How can a QR help grow your Salon business?

You can use a QR to generate interest in your Salon by leading your clients or potential Salon visitors to your Internet home page or favorite social media page like Facebook or Twitter.

Where QR codes can be used:

  • Your business card
  • In your Brochures
  • On your personal vehicle
  • On name tags
  • On mirrors in your Salon
  • On Sales receipts

What QR codes could link to:

  • Directions to your Salon
  • Valuable coupons and special offers
  • Client feedback forms
  • Your Salon website home page

There are many other uses for QR codes and places you can link to.

Have you used QR codes in your Salon? Please leave us a comment below and tell us how you are using QR codes..