Tips for Marketing Your Hair Salon Online

Beauty services, such as hairstyle and make-up, are difficult to market. Most people are not going to walk up to a person with a fabulous hairstyle and ask them about their stylist. It would be nice if every stylist could somehow trademark his or her work, like a logo on a t-shirt, but hairstyles simply do not have branding opportunities. However, there are so many ways to market salon services and entice people into a salon. The Internet is one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s consumer world. Any time a service is needed, the first place a person visits is the Internet. Therefore, online marketing is the best avenue to gain valuable customers at a hair salon. Below are 5 of the most powerful online tools for successful marketing:

1. Local SEO: Internet searches are the top source for locating a local service. With the popularity of smartphones and applications such as Siri, the first place people go to find something is the Internet. Therefore, when marketing a hair salon, you want to ensure that the salon will indeed appear on the first page of an Internet search. This can be achieved with a local SEO, or keyword, that will gain traction to a particular salon. Even if the search appears in a congested online area, a local SEO can optimize the search. Having the salon link appear at the top of a search list is key; people do not typically look past the first few search results.

2. Website/Blog: In order to have a salon appear at the top of a search list, an interactive and aesthetic website and/or blog is absolutely necessary. A website is the ultimate way to market your brand. It should contain all pertinent information – location, services, products, pricing, even appointment scheduling. It is frustrating to visit a website, but then have to call the salon itself to obtain additional information. It is also important to ensure the website is updated and keeping up with the times. Add a guided virtual tour to the website; people like to see where they will be receiving services. Add a blog as a supplemental tool to the website – nothing too lengthy, just a short paragraph or two about the latest beauty trends and how to achieve them. A blog adds visibility to search engines. When marketing a beauty salon, appearance and perception is everything!

3. Photography: Take pictures! Word of mouth and simple words are not enough to market beauty and salon services – people need to see the products. Ask clients if they mind having their picture taken after their service and feature them on the salon’s website or blog. Be creative with the photography – don’t just take a picture of the style, make it a fashion show! Investing in a partnership with a great photographer is mutually beneficial – photographers need stylists for their shoots, and stylists need photographs of their work. Post the best and most diverse styles and products on the salon’s websites, blogs, and social media sites. And an added bonus – people always ask photographers who did the hair and make-up for their shoots!

4. Social Media: Search engines are super helpful. However, social media is super popular. Create pages for the salon on Facebook and Twitter. Create a LinkedIn profile for the salon and each stylist. Feature the fabulous photography of the salon’s styles on a Pinterest board. Social media marketing is the most powerful tool in today’s society. Promote contests on the salon’s social media sites to entice followers. Offer one deal a day for one service on the salon’s website, Facebook page, and other social media avenues – local customers will subscribe to the salon’s feeds just to see that deal of the day. This is a sure way to entice customers without losing profit at the same time. Social media is probably the most important driving force for online marketing so be sure to feature things such as new products, awards won, special events, sales and discounts. Social media marketing needs to be at the top of the salon’s online marketing list.

5. Group Buying: Consumers are always looking for a deal! Sites like Groupon and Living Social are a driving force in the instant success of salons and spas. People want to be beautiful, but do not want to pay the high price it often costs to achieve beauty. Consumers looking for a new service often go to sites like Groupon and Living Social because they can try a service at a very discounted rate. If they are not satisfied with the service they do not look at it as a huge loss. If they are completely satisfied, they are likely to return and become a regular customer. Investing in a group buying sites has the potential to boost success to levels unimaginable..