Can Social Media Marketing Help You Get Traffic for Your Salon?

Absolutely! Social media is extremely important for any business that relies on walk-ins and loyal customers. A hair salon is one of the most resilient of all business ventures in the world. The entertainment industry glamorizes beautiful women and handsome men and people want to look their best. In essence, people will spend their hard-earned cash to look as good as the stars or at the very least, to create a good or lasting impression. Even in tough economic times, people may spend less money on beauty but they will never stop spending on a good haircut or style and some good old fashioned pampering.

Currently, there is a raging debate about social media marketing for small business owners. The bottom line is that it will only work if you know what you’re doing.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, or LinkedIn can bring in more clients but only if you know how to write quality posts, videos, profiles, etc. Plus, if you’re no marketer, the process can be time-consuming and a bit frustrating. In the first place, you may not know how to write engaging posts or how to create interesting videos.  Having a business Facebook account is great! But it’s not good enough to establish a strong brand.

There is a science to social media marketing and the good news is that with the right instruction and given good direction, eventually you can do it on your own. But If you get stuck, don’t hesitate to hire a social media expert to get you unstuck.

Some of the marketing solutions that can be used solo or with a social media expert are:

  • Geo-targeting – Geo-targeting is using social media to reach the people with mobile phones around the area where your salon is located. By sending special promos and enticing discount vouchers to these people, you can get more customers in quicker and on a regular basis.
  • Get Rated and Reviewed – You need to get your salon ranked on search engines (like Google and Yahoo) through well-written reviews. There are also ways to get rated that will increase traffic to your salon and to your website.
  • Use of Apps – A great way to increase brand awareness and knowledge of your salon is through third-party apps that can help you manage your social media accounts. One great example is HootSuite.
  • Crazy Promotions – Always post content that will get your salon a buzz. For instance, if you’re offering a special discount to new customers, post about it. If one of your stylist has been featured in a well-known hair magazine, brag about it.

Finally, start being active online as well but be careful to always watch out that you don’t offend anyone or post anything that would give your salon a bad reputation. Post often and use both informational and engaging content to keep our readers coming back for more. Once you do, you’ll generate the traffic your salon has been craving..