Brilliant Ideas For Hair Salon Blogs

Brilliant Ideas For Hair Salon Blogs – If you own or work for a hair salon, you know that the client-stylist relationship is important. People look for salons based on word of mouth, social networking sites, and review sites like Yelp.

Hair salon blogging is another way to attract and maintain your client base. Hair is important to many people, and customers want to know that they are trusting their image with a knowledgeable salon.

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Product Reviews

All the hair salons featured have product reviews on their blogs. Clients look to their stylists for advice on what products to use. They trust that salons will recommend products in an unbiased manner. Product recommendations are also helpful for those who want their hair to look like they just came from the salon.

A great example of this is Soda in Atlanta, Georgia. Their review of Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioner is short but informative.


New Leaf Hair Studio in Bristol, Rhode Island, is an award-winning salon specializing in bridal hair and makeup. Their blog is full of posts featuring beautiful brides having their hair and makeup done by New Leaf staff on their wedding days. Potential clients looking to be beautified for special events can go through the archive and find plenty of examples of the staff’s wonderful work:

  • A “True” Newport Bride!…Caryn 6.17.11
  • Meg’s Going to the Chapel…Meg 7.30.11
  • Country Club Class…Katie 6.11.11

Before and After

Emerson Salon in Seattle, Washington, has a reputation for hip haircuts and for having a welcoming staff. Their blog is a way for current clients and those looking for a salon to see product recommendations and salon news, as well as before and after photos. Many of their clients go for drastic, interesting changes, which are artfully done and photographed beautifully.

  • Hair by Franz: Seth’s Cut and Color
  • Fresh and New Musical Style
  • Hair by Franz: Jer’s La Roux Inspired Haircut

Salon and Staff News and Awards

Avanti Salon in Boston loves hair, their staff, and giving back to the community through charity work. Their blog advertises their fund-raising efforts, most recently the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. Avanti also celebrates the achievements of its staff. For example, colorist Priscilla Collins won the 2011 A-list Award for Best Corrective Color.

  • Congratulations!
  • This is What We Look Like: Party Photos

Tips and Trends

XEX Hair Gallery in Chicago has an active blog that focuses on trends in hair styles.

They recently blogged about the feather extensions trend, and their blog is full of how-tos for popular hairstyles, including hip updos to fight the summer heat. They also post staff updates and their commentary on the world of fashion.

  • Stay in the Loop
  • Beat the Heat
  • Au Naturel For Summertime
  • Inspiration: Michael Kors

Boston’s Jeffrey Lyle Salon’s Being Blonde blog isn’t your average salon blog. Lyle blogs regularly about the latest and greatest in art and fashion. The music highlighted on the blog is also played in the salon. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but Lyle’s blog posts provide great insight into his salon’s atmosphere. He also posts about the happenings in Boston, such as the emergence of food trucks.

  • Lanvin Boogie Fever
  • Crack the Whip
  • Listen: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

If you have any additional ideas or stories about pumping up the content on your own hair and beauty salon blog, let everybody know in the comments!.