How to Use the Internet to Attract New Salon Clients

In the past, many salon owners relied on yellow pages ads, drive by signage and word of mouth as their primary means of new client attraction.  But now, businesses that choose to rely on these three factors alone are missing the biggest pieces of the pie when it comes to prospective new clients.  Because the internet and tools like smartphones and other mobile devices have changed the salon marketing landscape completely.

If you count yourself among those late to come to the internet and take advantage of salon internet marketing tools and tactics to attract new clients to the salon, you are definitely not alone.

If you count yourself among these late adopters and find yourself wondering if there’s a way to catch up quickly to early adopters – good news!

  • As far as the salon industry goes, there are only a handful of businesses that are using internet marketing strategically and consistently.
  • Many of your competitors aren’t using all of the social networks available, and many of them aren’t using social networks effectively.
  • Chances are, only a handful of independent local businesses in your community (and maybe none of your competitors) are employing content marketing including blogging and email marketing effectively or consistently.

There’s room for you and a great deal of opportunity for your salon to get engaged online and attract new customers using the internet.

And more good news, in most cases, the only cost to you for doing so will be time!

You can quickly make up ground when it comes to internet marketing for salon with the investment of time into strategic internet marketing:

1. Launch a salon blog and fill it:

  • with articles to educate your customers and prospective new salon clients about your salon, your products, your services, your staff, your strengths
  • with articles that are “Top 10” lists of staff and/or customer’s favorite products or services
  • with testimonials, letters of recommendations, 5-star ratings and other digital referrals
  • with articles that are “Top 10” lists of staff favorite celebrity hairstyles, Emmy, Oscars, music awards or other red carpet event hairstyles and makeup, seasonal trend hairstyles and seasonal makeup colors
  • with articles that are staff or client picks of favorite local holiday destinations, places to eat, places to walk, places to go on a budget, places to take a date, etc.  (the more local references you feature on your blog or website, the more local web search traffic you can attract!)
  • with articles that will simultaneously boost your SEO by providing valuable “backlinks” to your website – every article on your blog should link back to your salon’s website

2.  Start or re-start your salon email newsletter and send it twice monthly:

  • toward the beginning of the month featuring what’s new, what’s coming soon, current offers,  links back your blog and to you your social networks for increased and more frequent customer engagement
  • toward the end of the month pointing out offers which are about to expire, seasonal or limited-time products whose supplies are dwindling and a preview of what’s coming next month

3.  Use your salon’s social networks strategically to:

  • extend offers and discounts; an overwhelming number of studies and statistics say that people interact on social networks with brands to receive special offers and discounts – give the people what they want!
  • engage your customers into relationship, opinion sharing and information solicitation
  • educate customers without selling about products and services by pointing out frequently asked questions or common conditions, celebrity use of products or services, and simply talking about product and service benefits
  • make it really easy for them to refer friends and family to your business
  • give a more personal “face” to your business
  • increase your SEO through shares and backlinks to your website and blog

4.  Make sure your salon’s website is updated for current content and SEO best practices, such as:

  • completion of all meta tags and descriptions, including page information, instructions for crawlers, image and link tags
  • content on all pages that is (a) written for real people (b) is edited for spelling and grammar and (c) is written in a way that is optimized for search engines with keywords and phrases (without keyword stuffing, which can actually hurt your site)
  • consistent updates, changes and expansion (the more indexed pages your website has, the more important search engines may think it is)
  • benefitting from quality back links from outside web sites

Some of these salon internet marketing ideas are tactics you can execute yourself and tools you can set up and use yourself.  Some may be less friendly when it comes to DIY salon internet marketing implementation.  In this case, you can hire a professional to help or perhaps barter for services. You may even have a current client with the kind of expertise needed to help you get started with salon internet marketing ideas that will actually help you get new salon clients.