Hair Stylist Marketing Strategies for 2013

Hair Stylist Marketing Strategies for 2013: This 2013 is going to be an exciting year for hair stylists because of the many marketing options available that don’t cost as much as one would expect. Here are some great marketing strategies you can use this year and beyond. Let’s begin.

Change Your Perception of Who You Are

It’s time to be a star! As a hair stylist, you have the star potential to change lives and make everyone a star. You simply have to play your cards right and have the right attitude. After all, everyone wants to look good and you have the power to bring those beauties to life. By making them look fabulous, they become your walking ads so take pride and care with every person you service. Also, start thinking of yourself as a brand instead of an employee.  This means always looking like a star with every strand in the right place and being confident about your individuality and creativity without the diva attitude.

It’s the Year of Individual Websites!

With the cost of operating and maintaining a website decreasing, individual business entrepreneurs like hair stylists can realistically jumpstart their career with a new website. Aside from read-to-go templates from web host providers and industry-related marketing professionals, a hair stylist can request for customization and even short tutorials on how to develop his or her image online.

Websites are now able to host videos so hair stylists can actually show visitors to their websites how creative and stylish they can be. The website should also have a gallery of hair styles done by the stylists which is another way to market one’s skills. Check out salonmedia22 for incredible hairstylist sites.

Tie-Up With Photographers and Ad Agencies

As everyone knows, ad agencies and photographers are always on the look-out for new hair stylists they can collaborate with on photo shoots. As long as you request that they give you credit for the style, you can get maximum exposure. Once you manage to book a photo session, become a self scouting agent. Make friends with staff and models and you can expect to get a follow-up call for more work.

Use Social Media…A Lot!

Social media is the hot pick for 2013 and whether you have a website or not, the very least you should have is a social media account like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram or Flickr. Post pictures of work you’ve done and do some self promoting as well.

With over a billion people using Facebook and one person signing up with LinkedIn every 2 seconds, you must absolutely have a social media account! If you skip this marketing strategy, this would be a tremendous loss of income and brand awareness.

Don’t Lose Track of What’s Trending but Try to Be the Trendsetter

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with following trends but if you can, try to put your own spin on the hair styles without going overboard. It’s also important to know where and how to market your skills. You can even be creative. For instance, you can go reggae in an all-formal event and vice versa. If needed, hire a marketing consultant to help you figure out your marketing moves for the next 3 months of 2013, before you fly solo. Not only will this teach you new skills but boost confidence and networking potential also.

3. Post your pictures online.  As useful as a portfolio is, it can only be shared with those who are already physically in your salon.  Broaden your bases by posting your best, most diverse photos to your website, Facebook account and any other social networking sites you participate in.

4. Maintain a blog.  Create short posts, such as product reviews or how-to articles to increase visibility.  Customers will be curious about a salon that appears multiple times in search engines.

5. Create a monthly newsletter.  Send an email to customers sharing any news or promotions.  Feel free to include articles from your blog as well for those who may not visit it regularly.

6. Offer a daily deal.  On your website, Facebook account and any other social network accounts, offer customers a deal everyday to encourage followers to visit your salon.

7. SMS marketing is a must.  Sending text messages to customers to advertise any upcoming specials or a quick reminder for an appointment shows customers that you value their business, and this can boost bookings and customer retention.

9. Keep business cards on hand.  Again, your own hair is your best advertisement, so keep it looking fabulous and promote your salon by handing out business cards to anyone who compliments your locks.

10. Throw contests.  Using social media, engage your followers by holding contests, such as requesting testimonials and choosing one at random to receive a free hair cut or other service.

11. Stay up-to-date on trends.  Always offer the latest services (such as feather extensions currently).  Post pictures of samples online to attract customers who may be in search of these services.

12. Market at public events.  Set up a table at any local festivals or events.  Bring samples or have a stylist on hand to give out low-cost or free trims.  And don’t forget to hand out plenty of business cards!

These are just a few marketing ideas for your salon, but I hope they prove to be lucrative in 2013.  Have a safe, prosperous, happy New Year everyone!