Oprah’s Coming! Are Your Windows Shined?

On my morning walk, I just passed a guy shining the front door windows of my complex. I was reminded of my mentor, M. Saleh and how you could set your watch by him. On Tuesday morning at 9am he was outside sweeping the sidewalk, shining the windows, placing fresh flowers on the front desk and doing the tally from the week before. In short, getting ready to invite in the guests (or clients) for this week! Is your salon or station ready to invite your guests in? No fingerprints on the mirrors (even the hand mirrors), no leftover hair, they don’t have to wonder if your area is sanitized and free of germs? How does it smell? Like burnt hair or perm solution?? Or fresh and clean? Are the magazines neat and current? Take 5 minutes (right now) and go outside of your business, re-enter as a client and imagine Oprah’s camera crew is on its way. If there’s anything you would change for Oprah, change it for your most valuable guests, your clients! Blessings!

Miki Wright
Beauty SuperStars.com