10 Tips to Effectively Market your Beauty Salon

With the number of beauty salons in your area that you’re competing with, simply doing the traditional marketing like giving leaflets or flyers just won’t cut-it anymore. Seeing that competition’s getting steeper, you’ve have to step-up your marketing efforts and strategies to get GOOD RESULTS.

Here are 10 tips to effectively market your beauty salon:

Get a Stellar Website. Statistic shows that an average of 6100 people are looking for beauty salons online on a DAILY BASIS! If these people are looking for you online, it just doesn’t make sense for you not to be there because you don’t have a website. If the budget or technical skills are what’s stopping you, you can visit www.salonmedia22.com and you’ll be surprised at how remarkably affordable and hassle free it is to have one.

Capitalize on Repeat Business. Value yours customers and they’ll definitely be back for more of your services. Remember, that it’s a lot more expensive to acquire new customers through marketing than maintaining your current ones.

Offer Coupons. This can give you the fuss that you’re looking for. Offering coupons will surely get you results and the marketing that you need if done correctly.

Broadcast your Customer’s Beauty. You can do this by featuring one of your customers on your videos online and have them broadcasted via Youtube or other sites because you find them very beautiful. If you’ll tell them that, it’ll make your customer feel ECSTATICALLY BEAUTIFUL and appreciated. Now that’s quality service! And remember… QUALITY DRAWS QUANTITY. Give them that quality service and they’ll bring the whole town to your business.

Set-up Incentives or Referral Programs. Tell your customers to bring their friends and they’ll get a discount on their next service. That should be a good incentive!

Use the Power of Social Media to Promote Your Business. Everyone’s on Facebook! Your friends are on Facebook, your whole family is, I wouldn’t be surprised if aliens have Facebook accounts as well. Facebook is where everyone’s at so your business should be there as well!

Make Good Use of Free Ads Online. You can post free ads online. Doing this will give your business more visibility.

Have your Business Listed on Local Business Directories Online. Clients are always looking for new stylists online via web searches and local directory sites. If you’re not there, how will they know you exist?

Create Facebook Contests. An example of this is picture contests. Doing this will create more engagement between your business and the customers.

Post Opportunities Online. What you can do is post jobs that still relates to incentives. You can say, “Refer people to our business. Every referral closed as a sale will be given monetary incentives”. You’ll be amazed at how effective it can be.

In conclusion, there are many marketing tips you can do to increase the marketability of your business By having a stellar website, capitalizing on repeat business, offering coupons, broadcasting your customer’s beauty, setting up referral programs, using social media to your benefit, making good use of free ads, creating Facebook contests, and posting opportunities online, you will get the exposure your salon needs to thrive and grow, Guaranteed!