Good industry news for salons is great news if you’re doing

A new study by Professional Consultants & Resources, which caters to the salon industry, shows that salon service revenue is up 4.1% last year.

If that’s the good news, the great news is for those salons taking advantage of a booming section of the industry: men’s haircare.

New men’s barbershop chains (Boardroom, Roosters & Floyd’s, to name a few), plus Great Clips and Sport Clips are growing. Pro Consultants called it “huge growth” in the overall segment. You can notice it even just by checking out the haircare products available now specifically geared to men, stuff that a few years ago would have been something he secretly used while his wife/girlfriend wasn’t looking.

On top of that, it seems people are moving away from the department store-style salons and toward private, small business-type salons.

“Manufacturers, chains, and other industry sectors ignore this shift at their own peril,” Pro Consultants said.

So the question is, how are you taking advantage of this?

First off, we’d recommend making sure your salon is getting noticed in the first place. Get it listed in our map. That’s an easy step to take.

Second, this study emphasizes the strengths and weaknesses of parts of the haircare industry. If you’re already offering more services to men – and if you’re doing some advertising directly to them, smart move – or if you are highlighting your personalized services, you’re a step ahead.

But if you’re in a struggling segment, all is not lost! Make sure you are maximizing your exposure and taking advantage of every opportunity to get your salon’s name in front of customers. And never forget to check in on your existing customers, too! Are they satisfied? Is there a new service they wish you offered that might have them headed elsewhere? Would they consider recommending you to a friend in exchange for a discount on their next service?

If you’d like to see the entire report, Pro Consultants has it available for sale.