Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Hair Salon

Creative marketing ideas significantly help in brand-building and creating brand-awareness. If you planning to market your hair salon, we are here to share some creative marketing guidelines that will help you stand out amongst your competitors. At the same time, these creative ideas will help you take your business to the next level by enhancing your customer base.

  1. Happy Hour Announcement:  Conducting a happy hour everyday for a limited period of time is a great way to attract customers. Many hair salons conduct a happy hour when they lessen the prices on haircuts so that they are more affordable to families with lower income.  Happy hours would enable you to get new clients, as many people will flock to your salon to get a trendy haircut at a reasonable rate.
  2. Tie-ups with bridal boutiques: You may also tie-up with the bridal boutiques located in your area. There are many bridal shops that are keen on working with local hair salons that are trustworthy. You may discuss about the partnership with the owner of the bridal boutique to find out if your hair salon could work with them exclusively.  This is indeed an imperative means of income for your salon as you can earn a lot by helping their clients with a hairdo. All that you need is a good bridal boutique that is willing to provide you with a chance.
  3. Partnership with Modeling Agencies:  Many hair salons have entered into a partnership with the modeling agencies located in their area to do hair for photo shoots and fashion events. Partnership with modeling agencies is another great way to increase your customer base and earn a lot of money.
  4. Article Marketing: Another great way to build your brand is to publish online articles related to hairstyles and hair care. Publishing original articles online helps in creating good back links to your salon’s website besides showcasing your expertise. It also helps in building credibility.
  5. Utilize Social Media: Many hair salons have succeeded in building their brand by utilizing social media effectively. Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin play a key role in creating brand-awareness by helping you open adequate communication channels. You may also conduct live chat on your website and launch a toll-free phone number for your customers to address any questions or concerns about hair products, hairstyles, or hair care tips. Joining forums and commenting on blogs also plays a significant role in building brand-awareness.

These are some of the smart yet affordable creative ideas to market your hair salon. Try them out now and watch your profits soar!