Cut Above the Rest

Need some ideas? Here are the best from the industry. These promotional campaigns have quickly drummed up business for very little cost. Design Betty can help you execute these ideas with custom coupon cards and flyers for very little cost.

Promotion 1: 25% Off Services for New Clients: It’s not easy to take customers away from your competitors. Offer them a reason to give your salon a chance.

Promotion 2: $20 Same-as-Cash Coupon: Give your customers incentives to spend money for your services. They will be more likely to spend money if they know they already have a cash coupon to start.

Promotion 3: 10% Pre-Book Discount: It’s not enough to let your customers walk out of your salon with beautiful hair and a big smile. Make sure they return by giving them an incentive to pre-book their appointment.

Promotion 4: $10 Off Next Service: Every now and then, you need to make your clients feel special. There’s no better way than passing on some savings to make sure they come back to you.

Promotion 5: Free Haircut on the Fifth Visit: Reward your loyal customers. When someone returns to you for the fifth time, it means something: she/he is more than a repeat customer, that person is now a loyal patron. Let your clients know that you reward loyalty with a free hair cut on the fifth booking.

Promotion 6: Bring a Friend Promotion: Don’t just ask for referrals; reward your client for bringing a new business through the door. Give them both a reason to come together. Encourage customers to spread the word through on their MySpace/Facebook page or by email.

Promotion 8: 25% Off on Your Birthday: Give your customers a gift they can appreciate. Your clients will want to treat themselves to your services, and with the discount, you’ll be putting a smile on their face and money in your pocket. That’s the kind of birthday present clients will tell their friends about.

Promotion 7: Free $20 gift certificate with the Purchase of a $100 Gift Certificate: Your clients will love this idea. Not only are they buying something for friends or family, they’re getting a gift for themselves.

Promotion 9: $10 Off on Product Purchase of $100 or More: Your profit margin on beauty products is high enough that you can still make money when you offer discounts. It’s also a great incentive to get your customers try out your salon products, and if they like it, they will return for more.

Promotion 10: 10% Off for a Positive Online Review: Many of your first time customers will look up reviews on your salon before they go there. Tell your loyal customers to go on directory sites and leave a positive remark about your business.

Promotion 11: Free Haircut with Color Service on First Visit: A haircut is fast and easy so why not give it away with the purchase of a more expensive beauty service.

Promotion 12: 20% off an Additional Service: This is a great way to up-sell your clients. If they’re already there, why not give them an excuse to indulge more.

If you follow the advice and steal from this list of promotional ideas, you will see a guaranteed increase in clients and revenue. You’ll create a great name for business in your community, and your customers will be happy..