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4 Steps to Bring Lost Clients Back

“20% of your clients make up 80% of your business,” notes Eric Fisher, owner of award-winning Eric Fisher Salons & Academy in Wichita, KS. Everyone loses clients. It’s just a part of doing business, but to keep your 20% base strong and growing, it important you try to bring back missing clients. In 52 Weeks […]

Adding Value to Salon Services Increases Client Retention

“What are you doing to make every visit a feel-good experience,” asks Eric Fisher, owner of award winning, Eric Fisher Salons and Academy. In his newly released book, Enlightened Hospitality, Eric shares ways to make each salon experience fun, exciting and memorable. According to Eric, the #1 reason people leave a business is not dissatisfaction, […]

A Marketing Strategy for Pricing in a Hair Salon

Growing a loyal customer base is one of the key factors of running a successful and profitable salon. Industry-tailored marketing techniques can help you use satisfied customers to recruit future clients, move high-end non-service merchandise like shampoos and conditioners, and allow you to personally connect with your customers to maximize profits and stifle your competition. […]

Profitability Project: Landlord Vs. Commission

Which is best: owning a booth rental salon or an employment-based salon? From time to time, owners on each side of this fence look at the other scenario and think the grass is greener. The truth is, however, owning a business in today’s world is hard no matter which model you operate. It’s really just […]

6 Ways To Make Clients Feel Like a Star

Legendary stylist Oribe knows a thing or two about working with stars. After all, when your clients have the A-list stature of a Jennifer Lopez, you have to go the extra mile. But Oribe, who owns an eponymous salon in Miami, is smart enough to know that red carpet treatment should not, and must not, […]

18 Ways Hairdressers Can Survive & Thrive

1. Work your ass off. This means in every way. On slow days, help clean, contribute, and always pick up after yourself. It takes a second and shows you respect your co-workers and the assistants. You were an assistant and likely had to pick up after some stylist that could have done it themselves most […]

6 Steps To Increase Pre-Booking

“Pre-booking is the #1 practice you can do to achieve a big, productive, loyal business,” states Eric Fisher, owner of award winning, Eric Fisher Salons & Academy in Wichita, KS. In 52 Weeks to Greatness, he shares tools to increase your business by building a high rate of returning clients. By using the tips in […]

10 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Hairdresser

Dreaming of success? It’s not that far away after you read these 10 secrets (exposed!) to becoming a successful hairdresser! Establish only a few of these tips into your daily routine and you will be happier with your career in the long run. Here, Damien Carney, Joico International Artistic Director and multiple NAHA finalist, knows […]

5 Core Values for Salon Success

“50 percent of the reason clients come to you has nothing to do with a comb, brush or color bowl – it’s because they like you—so build relationships!” states Eric Fisher, owner of award-winning Eric Fisher Salons & Academy in Wichita, KS. In his best-selling business and training guide, Source Book, Eric makes it crystal […]

8 Steps to Opening a Salon Studio

You’ve been dreaming about owning your own salon, about the flexibility and autonomy of being your own boss. But, how do you know if you’re really ready? Step 1: Gut Check Self-motivated stylists choose salon suites and studios for a variety of reasons: to create their one-of-a-kind salon culture, build their clientele, grow their business […]